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Revenue Protection

Services for Bailiffs, Utility Companies & Recovery Agents

Revenue Protection Services Oldham

Cyro Locksmiths Oldham specialises in the revenue protection of energy theft for clients in the commercial sector in Oldham. We have vast experience with revenue protection and debt collection in the energy market.
If we cannot gain access to a customer’s property then you can be assured that by working closely with courts, our specialist dog control and handling team, as well as our locksmith experience, we can execute warrants to the highest standards if needed.


​Utility theft is becoming a major problem, cheating the energy meters is costing the suppliers and other customers millions of pounds per annum, Cyro Locksmiths Oldham are here to help the regulator investigate and resolve this issue, from start to finish.

We are able to supply a specialised team that deal in the field of utility theft, they are experienced in identifying suspected theft and suspected meter tampering, they will thoroughly investigate the case provide a full investigation, alongside this the will support utility engineers on removal of the meters to ensure the issue is isolated and made safe, storage of the meter can also be arranged until the meter is required.

We’re revenue protection specialists.


Our specialist will remain courteous to the customer but at the same time they have a keen eye to identify a customer’s vulnerability and are fully experienced in dealing with these cases.

A full report will be provided with the assessed value of the energy theft and can arrange a plan to commence repayment of the debt.

Police reports, and statements will be completed where needed.

  • ​Our specialists are fully experienced in identifying suspected utility theft
  • We offer and end to end service starting with the investigation to the removal of the meter
  • Full reports and police statements will be completed where required and live feeds if needed.